Our Story

Established in 2014, Cynosure is a Toronto-based company that deals with many trendy and top jewelry, clothing, and accessories for woman. Growing up in "The Six" has been nothing but amazing and great times. Coming from a community with many different and great cultures, has taught me that diversity, change and having the ability to connect with multiple cultures on different levels is a great aspect of being human! Toronto is great for displaying amazing works of art. Not only that, but a simple stroll down Church St. and Wellesley St, you are able to see some great men and woman and their wonderful fashion sense. Over the last year, we have spent a great amount of time in the streets of downtown Toronto, to familiarize ourselves with the way people dress, shop and interact on a day to day basis. That is when I decided to build Cynosure. 

Meet Ali! The person behind Cynosure Design! During the start-up phase of this project, I had a full-time job. I was working as a server in a restaurant. I decided to put my spare time into this because I found that there was a high demand for people trying to find contemporary yet stylish pieces of clothing, accessories, and jewelry all in one place. My focus was on building a presence in the streets of Toronto, before making my way to the online world. My game plan was simple, provide people with a one-stop shop and during the process, I could give back to the community. Without making a single sale, I and a few friends started walking the streets of Toronto, presenting our idea to people, with sample images of the products we wanted to promote. This gave us alarming amounts of positive feedback. During this time, we managed to network with many different people and learn great things about the process of starting an online business. 

That is when we took off. We built the website, contacted the correct people, collected the best products and started to promote in the streets of Toronto. During this time we decided to focus on contemporary yet stylish pieces that add to the style of modern men and women. Now, years later, Cynosure has been recognized for providing innovative pieces that add an amazing dimension to men and women across the country. We have been thanked many times by people in our local community for providing such great dimensions and products all in one place, making their shopping lives, much, much easier.

Our goal is simple. We are focused, committed and driven to designing and putting together each of our items with the finest materials. Cynosure is working its way to put together a great contemporary code to be able to create one of the most exceptional pieces for a luxurious look. By combining top-notch materials with cutting-edge design, put together with a unique design and approach to jewelry, accessories, and clothing, Cynosure will be the center of attention and the leading store for creating unique pieces for the every day you!