Playoff Beards: Get some secrets from the NHL Pro's

For years many have wondered how professional basketball or hockey players grow these wonderfully big beards and what are some of the secrets they have in their back pocket. We have got the answers for you all. 


Ian Cole's Playoff Beard Secrets

When asked what Ian Coles secret to building that great fluffy beard was, Ian simply said that, despite the other players putting oils in their beard, he does not. He stated that he greatly enjoys playing with his beard and pulling on it and messing with it, and when he puts the beard oil on, it gets his fingers and hands all oily. He did, however, mention that he just lets it go. In fact, he said that he does not even trim it, he just lets it grow as it wants. No brushing needed!


Filip Forsberg's Playoff Beard Secrets

Forberg's playoff beard is subtle yet beautiful. When asked what the secret to his wonderful beard is, he responded; "it's pretty tough". Forsberg said that he does not like too much length on his beard and that keeping a good beard looking good takes a lot of dedication. Beard oil helps with thickness as well, but as Forsberg stated, he thins it out occasionally, to keep it from looking to cave like. 


Mike Fisher's Playoff Beard Secrets

When asked about his playoff beard and how wonderfully groomed it looks, Mike Fisher told us that all the guys on the team have actually been getting beard oil every round. The playoff off beard oils that they have been getting have their own names taped on the bottle, so every player has their own beard oil. Mike states that he has been putting the oil in his beard and that the oil actually helps with maintaining it and helping it grown to a fuller beard. 

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