Our Top 3 Watches for Summer 17

I think it is fair to say that everyone around the world loves watches. Some men, in particular, have a very large collection of watches. Also known as "watch addicts". We have searched around the web, and based on some of the popular designs out there, we have decided to put together, three our top performing watches for the summer of 2017.  

Here are some of the designs we have come up with.  

1. Men's Wooden Watch

Mens wooden watch

In 2017 everything wooden was been the talk of the year. Starting with wooden glasses. Once the craze for wooden glasses hit the internet, everyone started researching and finding wooden watches. One of the most searched terms on Google as well as an uprising trend that is taking the internet by storm. These wooden watches can be matched with almost any outfit, yet look great. You can either dress it up with a suit or dress it down for a walk on the beach! 

2. Men's Skeleton Mechanical Watch 

Mens Black Watch

One of our top picks has to be the skeleton design on this beautiful mechanical watch! Skeleton style watches have been around for many years, and the fact that you are able to see the mechanics that goes on behind the glass of the watch, makes the watch stand out. With a sleek black finish, top quality parts, and a skeleton design that allows you to see the moving parts makes this watch on of our favorite picks for 2017. 

3. Classic Leather Band Watch

Leather band mens watch

Lastly, a design that has been popular not only in 2017 but for the past few years. Many people enjoy these watches for the sole purpose that they are simple, will work with any outfit, and look professional. Men across the globe have been seen on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, rocking these simple yet elegant designs with all sorts of outfits. Whether it is a suit for a business occasion or a walk down the street of Toronto, or even if you decide to take it all off and go for a swim by the beach.

There you have it! We have hand picked our top 3 picks of summer 2017 for you to enjoy! Now I know some of us might have a slight watch fetish and might be tempted to buy all three of these watches. That is exactly why we have picked some of the designs with the best prices! 

Peace and Love!