4 Biggest Fashion Mistakes We Make Without Noticing

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4 Biggest Fashion Mistakes We Make Without Noticing

Making mistakes in your outfit or what you have chosen to wear does happen! In fact, it happens to the best of us once or twice! Many people have been a victim to even wearing the wrong shoe size or having the wrong bra on. Many times we don't realize we are actually making a fashion mistake. That is why we are here to point out the not so obvious mistakes!

Non-Tailored Clothes

Many times we purchase items, yet we forget to get them tailored to fit us perfectly. Many times, just a small alteration can make a piece look that much better and extravagant. Some things we often find ourselves tweaking and tailoring are mainly t-shirts and pants. Pants are great and an easy fix to ensure that they are not being dragged on the floor. 

Too Many Accessories 

 Don't get it twisted, accessories sometimes make or break an outfit. It is often one of the most popular ways to take a boring outfit and make it stand out! But there is a fine line between Accessorizing and over accessorizing. Don't know the perfect amount for each outfit, don't overdue it, as it can kill the look of your outfit. 

Wearing Something for the Wrong Season

For many people, this might not be an important aspect. If you reside in a place where the weather is fairly the same all year around, then you do not have to worry much about dressing for the right season. But for people like us who live in Toronto, and the weather can go from HOT to SNOWING in a split second, then we might want to ensure that we are not wearing our furry jackets in the summer. 

Forcing Trends That Are Not Your Style

I see this often happen with many men. Many people think they can rock every new trendy style they find on the internet, and that is simply not the case. You have to ensure that the trend you are purchasing allows your personal style to flourish and not diminish. Often, I find people buy trendy items out of pure impulse. These people often find themselves putting what they have purchased in the closet and never wear that item again.